Wild Hill Country Smudge Sticks

Wild Hill Country Smudge Sticks


Our Wild Hill Country Smudge Sticks are made from ethically wild harvested aromatic herbs in the Texas Hill Country. We harvest, bundle, and wrap each wand by hand. Perfect for clearing your space, transmuting negative energy, bringing in positive energy, removing fear, and beautifying your space and auric field.

To use: Cut the lower threads of the smudge stick to loose the base of the bundle a little. Then, burn the end of the smudge stick and spread the smoke around your body and around your space. May also be thrown into the ritual fire. Best when used with intention - which is an utterly personal process. The limit is your imagination (which is infinite!). Wet the end to extinguish the burning plant material when done and allow to dry completely between uses.

Ingredients (based on seasonal and ethical harvesting availability): Rosemary, Juniper, Rose Petals, Texas Mealy Sage, Garden Sage, Juniper Resin and/or Pine Resin.

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