Ceremonial Feathered Fan - Caracas, Venezuela (1979)

Ceremonial Feathered Fan - Caracas, Venezuela (1979)


The feathers on this ceremonial fan were gathered from a homestead in the Texas Hill Country. On this small family farm; peafowl, ducks, geese, turkey, guinea hens, chickens, and rabbits are lovingly cared for and free to roam.

The handle on this particular fan is part of collection of walking sticks which were harvested from all around the world by a retired U.S. Army Air Corps Colonel named Mac McConnell who served in WW2. This collection was obtained at an estate sale in 1993 and was safely stored until 2019, when it was passed on to us. We feel honored to have been tasked with giving these old sticks a new life by way of utilizing them in ceremonial works of art.

Each feather has been cleaned and arranged onto the handle, which was gathered in Caracas, Venezuela in 1979. We believe it may be part of a Palm tree, but the exact identification of the plant is unknown. Only three fans have been made from this branch.

The feathers are Peafowl, Rooster and Kentucky Bourbon Red Turkey, wrapped in linen fabric and adorned with a Fresh Water Pearl. The tall fragile feathers in the front are from the tops of baby Peafowl heads, naturally shed and especially precious.

The energy of this fan is soft, feminine and regal. Its parts have traveled far and wide, been guarded and protected, and then passed on to greet us here today. We will carry this totem until its next owner appears and then we will hand it off to them…

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